Since the day I started working in 2008, my personal motive was to get my parents a beautiful home. Last year, I bought a plot from my own income and that day I tasted the feeling of happiness in a very unique way. Since the day I got the plot, my  dream is to start building the beautiful home I envision everyday. Watching a blank plot and just visualising a home on it has been a great source of happiness for me from quite a some time. Last saturday, I was talking to a friend and she said why don’t you write about how you actually want to make your home? I happily agreed because these days the only thing that gives me eternal happiness is writing.

So I got on the bed, put the laptop on my lap and tried to start writing. Visualising a home and then try to put your vision on to a paper is one heck of a thing, in fact watching an empty plot is same as watching a blank paper. You struggle to paint it with your vision. But let me try today and share the things I want to have in my home. And may be, this could make you feel or remember about your own home.

So these are the things I want to have in my abode with my special adobe of thoughts.

Living Room With Life– I want a big living room with a big library as I am a great fan of books and there is nothing more beautiful than the smell of your favourite book. However, this kindle application I have in my laptop now may kill this thing but I should protect my dream from this technological things. One thing I don’t want to have in my living room is TV because it is living room and TV makes you dead not alive. Another thing, I don’t want to have in my living room is a lot of furniture, in fact I would love to fill it with a lot of flower pots. The less furniture you have, healthier lifestyle you would have and more energetic you will be.

Living Room

Bedroom a Deadroom– I believe bedrooms should only be used when you are heck of tired and all you want to is sleep or to catch on some TV. Yes, finally there will be a TV in my home. Bedrooms should be filled with luxuries. I would spend heck of money on a good bed with the best of mattresses and with best of cushions. One should feel like a king when you sleep. After all, there is nothing better than a good night sleep after a long hectic day. Also, I believe bedrooms are good for making conversations with family at night as everybody relaxes and then they talk nicely. The only condition here should be the TV has to be switched off.


Kitchen King– I feel the biggest place after your living room should be your kitchen. Less space you have in there, more bad food you may have in your plate. Kitchen is also one place which should have all the luxuries. More we spend here, more our guests will appreciate us.


Bachelor Bathroom- I have a very bachelor kind of thinking of bathrooms. I feel they should be small but not tiny. I really would love to have some green color in bathroom as it looks very fresh.Bathroom

My whole idea of writing of this post was to just envision the house I want to be in. If I have an unfulfilled dream right now, why shouldn’t I live it by just writing. Writing, the most pure form of communication. I really wish I could get to live in a place like this as soon as possible. Amen!

What do you think of it? It it OK or do you have any suggestion.