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Life is Uncertain But Awesome

Life is uncertain and that is why it is awesome. No matter how hard you plan, it will always amaze you with its twist and turns. In recent years, April was kind of the most boring and hectic month because of the start of new financial year. You know how companies change too many policies in April projecting that it benefits the employees, however the truth is totally opposite.  So here I was in March not making any plans in April because I was over prepared for the changes to happen by my company which will surely change my whole plan of Holidays. On April 1, I was waiting for e-mail from HR department thinking inside that there is a reason it is called an April Fool’s day. Day passed and I didn’t receive the so-called plan-destroying-email. Life is uncertain, I told you that. This was the first April which was so silent from the side of HR department. My family knew that I also don’t make plans in April.

April 7

I was making conversations with one of my favourite cousin who came to meet me at my home after a very long time. In morning,  we discussed about all the trouble we had to make to buy our first woofer speaker. How we arranged the cassettes of popular songs. In evening, we made a short trip towards Kasauli hills and talked all night about girls,music, Facebook life and favourite porn star.

April 14

I was sitting in the car watching at green fields of Punjab thinking how awesomely different is the lifestyle of villagers and how we urbanists are so consumer-driven people. My family planned a trip to visit almost every relative we have in Punjab. I have not visited any of my relatives from last 5 years. Every home we went, the relatives were thinking that we are here to invite them to my marriage. Yes, in India you must get marry when you turn 25 otherwise you become the topic of discussion. Sadly for them and happily for me, we were there to invite them to the retirement function of one of our close relative.

April 21

High Bass Speakers were playing the Punjabi tracks in front of 35,000 people, where many of them dancing on the tunes, some were observing, some were smiling, some were glancing at girls, some were finding the best seat to sit on and everyone else was screaming. I was in the middle of one of the most wonderful cricket stadium of our region watching the nail-biting match of Kings XI Punjab and Pune Warriors India.

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Now if you observe it correctly, above mentioned days were all Sundays, the unplanned Sundays where everything happened so quickly. Life is like this, it gives you surprises when it is required not when you want. So all you crazy people who are just working, working and working; don’t be I-Am-Not-Interested to Count-Me-In guy. For me, April is not yet over and I have two big events to join in too.

Surrender to Uncertainty, Surrender to Life!

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